22.Jane Stoner(non-registered)
Marissa did our engagement photos. We had a great time with her. She came up with some very fun and unique ideas for pictures. She was great to work with. We are looking forward to having Marissa as our wedding photographer in October!!!
18.Maya Alaridi(non-registered)
Stunning photos. Marissa did our family photos last year, and they are absolutely brilliant. would recommend Marissa to everyone.
16.Leah Renter(non-registered)
I recommend you to everybody! You see things in their natural light and capture them beautifully.
15.Mary Taylor(non-registered)
Your doing an amazing job, you capture unique photos that make your talent exceptional!

Your future is going to take you places!
14.Joe Martinson(non-registered)
13.Bev Gimler(non-registered)
Looks like you captured the fun and romance of the day. I like your use of lighting
11.Anna Rivera(non-registered)
Marissa you have an amazing gift! Love to look at the photos ... You pick up the essence of all living things! Very impressed!
10.Nikki Scherr(non-registered)
Our wedding was exceptionally memorable because of Marissa and Sarah. Our pictures are beautiful.
9.Courtney Mikulichek(non-registered)
So happy for you Marissa! Congrats on finishing school. Your photos are amazing! Top 3 for me: your dad standing in the woods (never would've guessed he was your dad!), the guy pooring the grain, and the kids at the dentist. So many beautiful shots! I wish you the best with everything!
8.John Prochazka(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures......wonderful and creative young lady!
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