Marissa Michelle Szmanda, the eyes behind the lens.


My motto: Live, Laugh, Love


Live in the Moment


Laugh out Loud


Love like there’s no tomorrow



God has created me to be me and I am so thankful where I am today!


I want to capture God's beauty in you!


The beauty of a child’s smile is priceless; to capture it is irreplaceable.


My photography will tell your story and will catch the true side of you.


Photography + People = My Passions


Playing volleyball and Kerri Walsh Rock


Ears fascinate me, probably because my mom told me as a little girl an angel took a bite out of mine before I was born! I even have what looks like a bitten off ear! :) 


Love to laugh, even though I have an obnoxious laugh!


I strive to have FUN on every photo shoot!


Story by story capturing Magical Memorable Moments


Loving life is all about Laughing and having Fun, being serious when needed but not letting it overwhelm you.


Live to be YOU- who God created you to be.


As always treat one another like you want to be treated-with love and respect.


A little more about me-


I have an Associate's degree in photography and digital imaging from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.


I have been published multiple times in local magazines, check out some of it under photographs-published.


On a wedding day I love capturing all those candid moments, taking unique Bride & Groom portraits, and I adore taking all those unique details of your day!


When taking a person's photographs I love being able to bring out their true personality and expressions!


I have a wonderful Husband- Robert we just got married in November of 2018. I love him so much. We make such a great US! He is my best friend and he makes me laugh everyday! I love how he brings out the best in me! 


 I have a strong Christian faith and it shapes who I am today.


What you don’t see on my website is pricing, I want to talk to everyone that is interested in my work first and see what your plan for your photos are, I still have set prices that I will go over but I never want to turn someone down because of budgets. So please contact me at 763.843.1786 to discuss your photography needs and we will find a time that works to do the photo shoot! I strive to help my clients and I want you to print your photos, you can still receive digital files but the ultimate goal is to see your printed photos on your walls of your home.



Remember Live Laugh Love

Have a wonderful & Blessed Day!!