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Jason & Shelley Nance Wedding September 16, 2017

May 05, 2018  •  1 Comment
Jason and Shelley Nance, are good friends of Bob & I. He went to high school with Jason and they've been good friends for awhile now. They were married in September and I had the privilege of taking their wedding photos along with being a guest. It was such a fun wedding! It's fun to be a guest too, so I was able to enjoy myself even more and even...
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Blackberry Venison Salad

April 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
I love cooking! Ever since I've moved out of my parents and make dinner for Bob and I practically every night I fall in love with cooking more and more! It's fun to explore new things and try new recipes. I happen to have bought some blackberries on sale and when I made the salad I thought they'd taste great in it. The blackberries totally made the...
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Isaac turns 5 and Adeline turns 1 Super Hero Birthday Party

April 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment
Yesterday my fiancé Bob and I decided to bare the crazy snow weather and go his brother's house in Forest Lake, MN by Coon Lake. My future nephew Isaac turned 4 and Adeline my future niece just turned 1! We couldn't bare the thought of Isaac being disapointed that we didn't show up to celebrate. Thank God Bob drives a nice Ford 4x4 truck! On the wa...
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Payson's 1 Year Photos-Cake Smash and Bernards Family Photos

December 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
So I have decided to back-blog (If that's the right terminology).... On a hot Sunday in July I photographed a close family of mine's family photos and their daughter, Payson's 1 year cake smash photos. I've known Tammy and her family since I was in elementary school and the good ole' St. Al's. 6 months ago I photographed Payson's 6 month photos, I...
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Kyle Petty Charity Ride Pit Stop at Manheim Minneapolis

May 27, 2017  •  15 Comments
For my full time job, I work mat an auction- Manheim Minneapolis. We held an event on May 18th for the Kyle Petty Charity Ride! We raised over $70,000!!! The event makes various pit stops at Manheim Minneapolis, was the second to last stop! The charity is a ride to raise money for a special needs kids camp. I would love to volunteer at the camp one...
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MRJ Security

April 30, 2017  •  7 Comments
So my fiance works for his dad's company called MRJ Security. A couple weeks back they asked me to do some business shots for their website. It worked out well because I was able to setup my studio background in their backroom where they store supplies. Check out their website at They are a great company! They do reside...
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Alex & Rachel Engaged

May 09, 2016  •  2 Comments
This engagement shoot with my cousin Rachel and her finance Alex was a blast! This was actually part of their wedding gift! Rachel is my cousin so I get to attend her wedding! As much as I love photographing weddings I love being able to enjoy one very once in awhile:-)! These two are too adorable together! This was actaully the first time meeting...
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Bryce 3 Months photos

May 09, 2016  •  11 Comments
3 months have gone by already since Bryce was born- wow does time fly! It was so fun to see him grown more than the last time I saw him though. The photo shoot went great- he was so giggly and always wanted to tell me a story.:-) I really do enjoy photographing babies- yes I am newer to it but kids love me, you can't go wrong when they just want to...
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Vincent Jesse Baptism

April 04, 2016  •  2 Comments
Saturday evening, I was able to attend my boyfriend's nephew and Godson's baptism. Baptism is so special to me! It's about being forgiving of all our sins and being renewed to faith and Faith with the Lord. I personally was baptized twice actually. Once when I was a baby and once a few years ago; when I wanted to renew my faith. I am a very strong...
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Andy & Nicole Engaged

March 24, 2016  •  1 Comment
These two are just too cute together! I met them through my brother's girlfriend Leah, who is actually in the wedding. I am super excited to have family and friends that I know will be at the wedding, it makes it more that special. Sometimes I wish I was a professional wedding photographer, back when all my cousins were getting married! Andy & Nic...
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