iMMMagine Photography: Blog en-us Marissa M. Szmanda [email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT iMMMagine Photography: Blog 80 120 Jason & Shelley Nance Wedding September 16, 2017 Jason and Shelley Nance, are good friends of Bob & I. He went to high school with Jason and they've been good friends for awhile now. They were married in September and I had the privilege of taking their wedding photos along with being a guest. It was such a fun wedding! It's fun to be a guest too, so I was able to enjoy myself even more and even get in some photos thanks to my man. It was a beautiful September day! It ended up starting to in the middle of bridal party photos, so we had to go inside. But it was such an enjoyable wedding. It was a little different more me, because they wanted more candids than formal shots, which I was totally okay with. Capturing all the true, raw moments is great! These two love for each shows in how they react to each and also how they make each other laugh. They have so much fun and it's so visable and I love that! They aren't big public affection people but I still was able to snap some kissing photos :) thank you Jason & Shelley for letting me be a big part of your day! I even got to fix Shelley's dress in the morning! I wish all the blessings and love on a life long marriage and can't wait to keep spending time and laughs with you guys! <3M

Here are some of the photographs from their special day!

_DSC3901_DSC3901 _DSC3697_DSC3697 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_564MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_564 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_556MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_556 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_220MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_220 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_208MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_208 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_761MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_761 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_762MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_762 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_758MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_758 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_759MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_759 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_755MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_755 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_753MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_753 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_752MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_752 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_750MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_750 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_745MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_745 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_741MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_741 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_731MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_731 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_725MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_725 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_727MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_727 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_726MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_726 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_723MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_723 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_712MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_712 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_708MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_708 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_704MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_704 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_681MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_681 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_669MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_669 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_658MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_658 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_649MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_649 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_645MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_645 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_454MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_454 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_440MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_440 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_412MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_412 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_409MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_409 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_405MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_405 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_398MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_398 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_397MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_397 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_394MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_394 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_393MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_393 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_392MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_392 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_383MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_383 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_340MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_340 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_323MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_323 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_322MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_322 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_318MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_318 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_315MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_315 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_305MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_305 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_303MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_303 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_304MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_304 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_312MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_312 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_116MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_116 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_76MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_76 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_70MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_70 MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_55MR&MRSNance091617_MMM_55 MR&MRSNance091617_ML_125MR&MRSNance091617_ML_125 MR&MRSNance091617_ML_126MR&MRSNance091617_ML_126 MR&MRSNance091617_ML_121MR&MRSNance091617_ML_121 MR&MRSNance091617_ML_19MR&MRSNance091617_ML_19 Mr&MrsNance_FE_1189Mr&MrsNance_FE_1189 Mr&MrsNance_FE_1187Mr&MrsNance_FE_1187 Mr&MrsNance_FE_915Mr&MrsNance_FE_915 Mr&MrsNance_FE_898Mr&MrsNance_FE_898 Mr&MrsNance_FE_885Mr&MrsNance_FE_885 Mr&MrsNance_FE_866Mr&MrsNance_FE_866

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Blackberry Venison Salad I love cooking! Ever since I've moved out of my parents and make dinner for Bob and I practically every night I fall in love with cooking more and more! It's fun to explore new things and try new recipes. I happen to have bought some blackberries on sale and when I made the salad I thought they'd taste great in it. The blackberries totally made the salad 10 times better but it looked so pretty I couldn't help but take a photo first so here's what I shot! Flowers Easter special that Bob brought me one night- ah he's the best! <3M 6_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg6_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg 1_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg1_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg 3_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg3_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg 10_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg10_BlackberryVenicineSalad_MMM.jpg

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Isaac turns 5 and Adeline turns 1 Super Hero Birthday Party Yesterday my fiancé Bob and I decided to bare the crazy snow weather and go his brother's house in Forest Lake, MN by Coon Lake. My future nephew Isaac turned 4 and Adeline my future niece just turned 1! We couldn't bare the thought of Isaac being disapointed that we didn't show up to celebrate. Thank God Bob drives a nice Ford 4x4 truck! On the way home Bob said maybe it was a bad idea to come out here after all. I am just thankful that Bob is a great driver, no way I could have done it calmly :) There were so many cars on the side of the road and the ditch I couldn't count! But enough about the weather. Isaac & Adeline also have two other brothers Dominic who is 6 and Vincent who is 3. There will be photos of those two cuties too. I'm so glad we went it was so fun and it was fun to see them all dressed up in their favorite super hero costumes! Such a fun day here are a various of different photos from this great Snowy Birthday party! Love these people so much!

18_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg18_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 3_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg3_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg This is Vincent and his friend Lyndon. I just love capturing this photo they were just chilling and looking so cute, I said hey boys can you smile for me and this is what I got-don't you just think there the cutest!



In the blue is my fiancé Bob and his brother Justin is in red holding the Wonder Woman Birthday girl Adeline!  10_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg10_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 12_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg12_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 14_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg14_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg This is Grandma Mary laughing because Adeline starting putting her feet on the table. 22_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg22_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 32_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg32_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 35_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg35_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg The nephews always love hanging out and playing around with their Uncle Bob. 41_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg41_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 43_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg43_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg Pinanta Time!!!  68_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg68_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 92_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg92_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 93_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg93_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 62_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg62_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 76_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg76_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 78_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg78_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 77_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg77_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg  


95_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg95_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 99_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg99_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 105_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg105_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 122_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg122_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 119_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg119_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 120_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg120_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 118_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg118_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 147_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg147_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 150_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg150_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 152_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg152_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 155_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg155_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 173_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg173_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 177_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg177_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 179_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg179_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 178_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg178_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 111_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg111_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 117_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg117_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 116_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg116_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 119_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg119_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 122_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg122_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 143_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg143_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 155_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg155_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 186_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg186_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 192_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg192_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 207_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg207_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 205_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg205_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 228_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg228_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 244_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg244_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 200_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg200_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 201_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg201_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 249_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg249_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 255_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg255_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 268_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg268_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 270_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM270_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM 271_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg271_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 284_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg284_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 285_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg285_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 287_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg287_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 292_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg292_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 304_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg304_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 273_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg273_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 274_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg274_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 275_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg275_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 276_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg276_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 277_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg277_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 278_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg278_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 279_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg279_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 280_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg280_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 319_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg319_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 318_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg318_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 322_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg322_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 333_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg333_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 339_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg339_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 345_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg345_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 364_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg364_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 362_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg362_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 377_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg377_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 376_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg376_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 386_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg386_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 388_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg388_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 405_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg405_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 406_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg406_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 303_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg303_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 357_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg357_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 358_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg358_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 381_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg381_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 333_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg333_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 397_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg397_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 450_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg450_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg Who they call papa Isaac and Al share the same Birthday! 441_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg441_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 480_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg480_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 487_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg487_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 489_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg489_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 490_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg490_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 501_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg501_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 504_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg504_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 538_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg538_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 529_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg529_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 526_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg526_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 558_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg558_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 569_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg569_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 570_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg570_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 568_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg568_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 557_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg557_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 423_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg423_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 422_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg422_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 394_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg394_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg 432_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg432_Isaac5&Adaline1_Birthday_2018_MMM.jpg

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Payson's 1 Year Photos-Cake Smash and Bernards Family Photos So I have decided to back-blog (If that's the right terminology)....

On a hot Sunday in July I photographed a close family of mine's family photos and their daughter, Payson's 1 year cake smash photos. I've known Tammy and her family since I was in elementary school and the good ole' St. Al's. 6 months ago I photographed Payson's 6 month photos, I can't believe she's one already! 
Sunday was for sure a hot day but it wasn't too bad with the wind in the shade. We went to a park called Lakeside in Spring Lake Park. I have actually photographed a wedding there before. Its got a cute little lake, a nice bridge and some walking paths, it was perfect for this photo shoot.

We first did the family shoot. My favorite one is of Kasey throwing Payson up in the air, her smile is precious! Then I took some of jsut Payson and then the cake smash! For the balloons I went to the Dollar Tree first because I know they have balloons but they weren't able to blow up just plain ballons I asked and they said Festival doesn't do them either- but I had a hunch and I went next door, so glad I did because they had a whole section for balloons. They were so helpful and it was a very decent price too! Highly recommend Festival Foods in Brooklyn Park! 

Such a good looking family!! I can't wait to see how they have grown up on the next photo shoot!

TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_11.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_11.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_26.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_26.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_142.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_142.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_279.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_279.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_191.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_191.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_382.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_382.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_378.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_378.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_436.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_436.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_548.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_548.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_546.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_546.jpg

TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_62.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_62.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_83.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_83.jpg TheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_399.jpgTheBernards_Patson1year_MMM_399.jpg

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Kyle Petty Charity Ride Pit Stop at Manheim Minneapolis For my full time job, I work mat an auction- Manheim Minneapolis. We held an event on May 18th for the Kyle Petty Charity Ride! We raised over $70,000!!! The event makes various pit stops at Manheim Minneapolis, was the second to last stop! The charity is a ride to raise money for a special needs kids camp. I would love to volunteer at the camp one day! It was a chilly evening but it turned out great! It was cool seeing and hearing 150 motorcycles come in. They arrived just around 6pm. We had a ceremony for the giving of the check, some celebrity signatures including of course, Kyle and Richard Petty, and  running back, Herschel Walker. Then the riders came inside for a hot meal and 80th Birthday celebration for the "King" Richard Petty. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a fun event to be a part of.  KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_36KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_36 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_69KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_69 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_21KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_21 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_251KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_251 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_245KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_245 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_276KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_276 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_262KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_262 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_59KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_59 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_75KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_75 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_29KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_29 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_255KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_255 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_143KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_143 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_273KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_273 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_100KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_100 KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_102KylePettyCharityRideManheim_MMM_102

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Sat, 27 May 2017 16:04:54 GMT
MRJ Security So my fiance works for his dad's company called MRJ Security. A couple weeks back they asked me to do some business shots for their website. It worked out well because I was able to setup my studio background in their backroom where they store supplies. Check out their website at They are a great company! They do residential and commercial. Big accounts they have worked on for commercial include the Minnesota Vikings Stadium and the new HCMC Hospital Downtown, Minneapolis. They do everything from security, security cameras, card access, and even fire alarms. You can even connect to your phone to access your security. I cannot say enough great things about this company go check them out! 


Have a Wonderful and Blessed day!



[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Sun, 30 Apr 2017 14:55:52 GMT
Alex & Rachel Engaged This engagement shoot with my cousin Rachel and her finance Alex was a blast! This was actually part of their wedding gift! Rachel is my cousin so I get to attend her wedding! As much as I love photographing weddings I love being able to enjoy one very once in awhile :-)! These two are too adorable together! This was actaully the first time meeting Alex and I was impressed, he even helped me carry my light around- shout out to you Alex- Thank you again!! 


This was a very fun shoot was able to try a lot of new "poses" and it was a beautiful Saturday morning at Minnehaha falls!


Thank you again Rachel & Alex! Enjoy the photos! 


Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-77Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-77 Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-54Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-54 Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-50Alex&RachelEngaged_MMM_031-50

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 09 May 2016 21:56:09 GMT
Bryce 3 Months photos 3 months have gone by already since Bryce was born- wow does time fly! It was so fun to see him grown more than the last time I saw him though. The photo shoot went great- he was so giggly and always wanted to tell me a story.  :- ) I really do enjoy photographing babies- yes I am newer to it but kids love me, you can't go wrong when they just want to smile and laugh with me or at me ; )! Jaxon his older brother is so fun to talk to, whether he's telling me about his bat mobile or even haring his candy with me, he is for sure a sweetheart! Thanks Jeremy and Steph for another fun shoot! ENJOY! 


Here's a sneak peak!

Bryce3Months_MMM_030-71Bryce3Months_MMM_030-71 Bryce3Months_MMM_030-38Bryce3Months_MMM_030-38 Bryce3Months_MMM_030-60Bryce3Months_MMM_030-60 Bryce3Months_MMM_030-108-EditBryce3Months_MMM_030-108-Edit


[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 09 May 2016 21:52:17 GMT
Vincent Jesse Baptism 31_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM31_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 67_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM67_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 72_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM72_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 115_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM115_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 99_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM99_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 88_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM88_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 130_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM130_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 156_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM156_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM 200_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM200_VincentJesseSzmandaBaptized_MMM Saturday evening, I was able to attend my boyfriend's nephew and Godson's baptism. Baptism is so special to me! It's about being forgiving of all our sins and being renewed to faith and Faith with the Lord. I personally was baptized twice actually. Once when I was a baby and once a few years ago; when I wanted to renew my faith. I am a very strong faith-filled woman and I love being apart of a big day like this! Especially since I was able to photograph it too!


Vinny (What Bob & I like to call him) is a sweet baby. He's already been through a lot too, he had too many visits to the hospital after he was born. But thankfully he's doing great now! We are all very blessed with this sweet baby boy! He has two older brothers and I just don't know how Justin and Jessie- take care of the three of them! I know their faith in God gets them through it all!! But all I know is they are a great bunch and they love your uncle/Godfather! It's so cute to see Bob play with the three of them! It melts my heart that he loves kids!

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 04 Apr 2016 22:30:00 GMT
Andy & Nicole Engaged These two are just too cute together! I met them through my brother's girlfriend Leah, who is actually in the wedding. I am super excited to have family and friends that I know will be at the wedding, it makes it more that special. Sometimes I wish I was a professional wedding photographer, back when all my cousins were getting married!

Andy & Nicole and I had a great time on this photo shoot. Their dog, was a little wild that day but I thought I still got one cute one of when they were kissing in the background. 


Andy & Nicole are getting married in October, I can't wait for the beautiful colors! Thank you Andy & Nicole for letting me be apart of your big day! It's going to be so fun!


Here's some of the photos from the shoot.


11_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM11_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM 35_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM35_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM 173_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM173_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM 64_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM64_Andy&NicoleEngaged_MMM

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Thu, 24 Mar 2016 23:00:00 GMT
Get to know Marissa Hey Y'all I wanted to let you all get to know be a little better...

I have a boyfriend of over 3 years, his name is Bob, he keeps me going and stay steady. He is the man of dreams plus so much more! He helps Marissa be Marissa. 

I have a great family, and I have I think over 35 cousins, it might be close to like 50 at least it feels that way! But I love it! I love them! I don't know what I'd do without all that support!

One of my most fond photography moments- was when I would go into my parents backyard and take photos of all the flowers my dad planted. They were just a God's gift of beauty and that's how I fell in love with photography! Nature!

I work for Tiger Oak Media as a staff photographer. I get published every month in various magazines. Look on the published tab under photographs to see some of the things I've done! I love this job! It's fun to work with Art directors! 

I don't have any pets, but I would LOVE A dog, if I ever have time for one :)

I am very outgoing, I literally would love to talk to anyone I run across. It's just my personality! I love it- I am for sure not shy!


That's just a tiny bit about me! But I hope you learned a little bit more about me :)





[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 21 Mar 2016 23:00:00 GMT
Bryce Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn 39_BryceFrazerNewborn_MMM-2.jpgBryce Frazer Newborn


A couple Wednesday's ago I took newborn photos, officially for the first time! My dad made me a background stand and my mom, graciously took her time and made me a vinyl beanbag. Which all in all was way less expensive than buying it on Etsy. But all in all I got the idea from Etsy and found how to make them off of Pinterest! Gosh gotta love Pinterest! :) 


So my cousin Jeremy and his wife Steph, had their second boy, Bryce. He is too cute and a gift from God. Here is a little sneak peak into what I have!


I hope they love it and I am excited to photograph his 3 month. 6 month and 9 months photos too!


It's fun to see them grow and I hope to get better and better at newborn photography- I loved it! 


Thank you Jeremy, Steph, Bryce and Jaxon for being my guinea pigs! :) I hope you love the photos ! 

Heart M 


[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) 2016 Bryce newborn Thu, 25 Feb 2016 20:22:57 GMT
Small things in life matter 57_Randy&D'AnnGilbert_MMM57_Randy&D'AnnGilbert_MMM 13_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM13_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM

When I am photographing a wedding, one of my favorite things to photograph is all the details of the day... the rings, flowers, bouquets, jewelry, etc. But when I come to think of why I love to is because the small things matter in life. 

The other morning I was able to wake up to the sight of Forest Lake. Yes it was cold out but the view was beautiful; snow on the ground, a frozen lake, and a little bit of a sun peaking out. I was lucky enough to have this view because my brother and his girlfriend, Leah, live out on Forest Lake.

When I am at a wedding, family photo shoot, really any kind of photo shoot, I tend to look for the small details that I see, not just of objects but of people. How they are interacting with each other, how happy they are. I love in this photo I took back in the fall of Sara, Greg and their daughter Sydney, I can remember her saying swing me more and again, it made for a cute photo and a fun memory. Moments like these, those small moments matter the most! That is what I live to capture in my photos. " A moment like this, some people wait a life time, for a moment like this. (Lyrics sung by Kelly Clarkson)."
99_KochFamilyPhotos2015_MM99_KochFamilyPhotos2015_MM It makes me think of that song! Not to go off topic but I started watching American Idol, the last season the other day and this show has had a lot of impact on a lot of people, there's so many stories of dreamers and I love how inspiring it is.


I want to inspire you and your story and capture who you are! That is what my photography is about. 

Before I go, today and everyday stop and take advantage of the small things in life and be thankful for what and who you have around you.


You all have a wonderful and blessed day! 


God bless you and thank you for listening!



[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) & D'Ann Details Family Josh Kelly Clarkson Koch Moments Nikki Randy Scherr Small in life things Tue, 26 Jan 2016 01:37:49 GMT
Sherr Wedding 10-23-2015 Newlyweds the Sherr's were married on October 23rd, 2015! The days started out by raining, but this did not stop the photos or the fun!


I went to college with Josh and when they asked me to be their photographer I was so thrilled!
Nikki and Josh are totally in love and you could see it everywhere throughout their wedding day!


Nikki and Josh did not see each other until she walked down the aisle. I love this, now of days a lot of people want to do the first look before hand. Photographing this was so emotional and beautiful- I am glad they decided to this traditional setting!


39_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM-239_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM-2 579_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM579_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM 1399_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM1399_Josh&Nikki10232015_MM H91A0029H91A0029 H91A9689H91A9689 H91A0333H91A0333


[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Thu, 17 Dec 2015 01:09:44 GMT
Mike and Trisha Engaged Mike and Trisha's photos I took awhile back and honestly forgot to post this on the blog!


These two I met at my close friend's bridal shower. Mike is my friend's cousin. I am so looking forward to their June wedding!

These two are just too adorable and goofy. We had laughs the whole time! We even went out on the boat-which made it an adventure!

Thank you Mike & Trisha! Can't wait for June! 


Enjoy some of the photos!-  55_Mike&Trisha_MMM55_Mike&Trisha_MMM 222_Mike&Trisha_MMM222_Mike&Trisha_MMM 149_Mike&Trisha_MMM149_Mike&Trisha_MMM 195_Mike&Trisha_MMM195_Mike&Trisha_MMM

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Thu, 17 Dec 2015 01:05:45 GMT
Korpi's Family Photos So I know I haven't blogged in awhile so I thought I would share some family photos with you. 

The Korpi's wanted a studio look to their family photos, so I brought the studio to their home!

I know Kathy through Arbonne. I actually used to sell these amazing products! but I decided to take photography full on. I'm glad I did but still love these products.

144_KorpiFamilyPhotos_MMM.jpg144_KorpiFamilyPhotos_MMM.jpg This family had a lot of energy! Which makes it all more fun! I have to shoot fast and effectively. I think I did a great job- check out some of the photos- 




Thank you Korpi Family for hiring iMMMagine Photography!  24_KorpiFamilyPhotos_MMM.jpg24_KorpiFamilyPhotos_MMM.jpg

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Thu, 17 Dec 2015 01:01:34 GMT
Jodi Senior Photos Class of 2016  

What an adventure I had last Saturday!

 I took Jodi's senior photos and she was such a fun person to work with! As I say I always reach to have fun on every shoot, and I might add this was one of the best!

I even climbed a tree with Jodi to get some photos! I have to honest it was easy getting up... but going down I got a little scared! I was able to get help from my awesome assistant Francisco and Jodi's dad! Even though I ended up scraping my arms- it was totally worth it!


I had so many photos to choose from (which is great!)... but here is a sneak peak!





Thank you Jodi for being so fun and adventurous! What a joy to work with- and I wish you the best in your senior year and beyond! 





[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Thu, 15 Oct 2015 22:59:08 GMT
Ring Details
20_MyConfirmationRing_MMM20_MyConfirmationRing_MMM 63_MyConfirmationRing_MMM63_MyConfirmationRing_MMM 157_MyConfirmationRing_MMM157_MyConfirmationRing_MMM 164_MyConfirmationRing_MMM164_MyConfirmationRing_MMM 37_MyConfirmationRing_MMM37_MyConfirmationRing_MMM So the other day, I had some time to kill and so I decided to take photos of my confirmation ring. I had some flowers that still looked good from my grad party celebration, so I thought it would be good practice.


I love doing details shots, sometimes I wish I could do that the whole wedding! 

It's so cool at a wedding to see what people have chosen for details, whether they made it or bought it. From the gorgeous, unique rings, to the colorful flowers. It's amazing I've had a few weddings where they didn't do real flowers and they turned out really neat.


I think the details tell a story as well as the details are thought out, even the colors of the day!


Now I have a question for every woman out there- What type of details would you use that would tell a story about you and your man? Would you go for a color scheme or more like a theme, for example barn wedding?


Please comment below!


Thank you for joining me! Have a blessed and wonderful day!



[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Sat, 10 Oct 2015 17:19:20 GMT
Collin & Amy Wedding Collin and Amy's Wedding was my first wedding this year. With my new job at Tiger Oak Media I wanted to have less weddings. This was a hot hot day! But turned out to be a beautiful ceremony and a fun party! ALexis (the flower girl (Amy and Collin's daughter) said this was her day too and she loved having her photo taken! I am so happy for Collin and Amy! Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! Amy is my mom's coworker and it is was so cool to have my mom there too- I even captured a few great ones of her- so that made it more fun!


Until next time  HEART M 

64_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM64_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM 367_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM-2367_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM-2 741_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM741_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM 49_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM-249_Collin&AmyWedding8.15.15_MM-2

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Wed, 16 Sep 2015 22:30:00 GMT
Styled Wedding Photo Shoot 332_Alexa&DanStyledWeddingShoot_MM332_Alexa&DanStyledWeddingShoot_MM  A couple weeks ago my photographers friends and I gathered to do a styled wedding shoot. It was so fun! Alexa is a model and she did an awesome job- her boyfriend, Dan was awesome too! I thought he could be a model too! 


This was a great experience for me, I really enjoyed trying some things in lighting that I haven't tried in any of the weddings I've photographed. For example in the above photo backlighting. I loved it I am for sure going to try it at my next wedding.



[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Sat, 08 Aug 2015 19:31:45 GMT
Lauren's For Fun photos On my personal Facebook page, I posted in-need of models. My second cousin, Lauren wanted to be my model, and of course I said yes, she is a gorgeous young woman in her Junior year in High school. We went to a memorial in Rogers, MN. It was a great venue I have her mom to thank for that! Below are some photos I captured that day!
I cannot wait to do her senior photos!


LaurenDunhamHenrysWoods_MM-013-16LaurenDunhamHenrysWoods_MM-013-16 LaurenDunhamHenrysWoods_MM-013-22LaurenDunhamHenrysWoods_MM-013-22


I just love the glow I captured from her blonde hair!


Thank you again Lauren and my assistant Karen!


[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Dunham For Lauren fun photos Sat, 08 Aug 2015 19:25:55 GMT
Good Karma MN Family So this is my second time working with Good Karma MN. The first time I was able to take photos of an actual foster dog, Kibbles. This is a great opportunity as a volunteer photographer. I love dogs so to spend sometime with the dogs and take their photos is rewarding. 

This time around I took photos of a family that has fostered 22 dogs total! That is so amazingly awesome to me! I think it is so great that someone would dedicate themselves to that many dogs until they get their own home. I do not have a dog of my own right now just because I am too busy. But eventually I hope to foster myself. Check out more information on Good Karma MN at if you interested in fostering! 

Thanks for listening and have a blessed and wonderful day!






[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Sun, 02 Aug 2015 22:09:07 GMT
My Dad and his hunting My dad, Bart, is a huge hunter. He shoots with his crossbow and hunts deer and turkey. He is totally obsessed with hunting but you have to be passionate about something and he is with hunting. So we decided to do a shoot in the woods, it was really fun and turned out great! I was really excited! He was happy with them too. Next Saturday we are going to do a shoot at a barn with all his deer antlers, he really wants one with them! haha he cracks me up. Love you Dad and thanks!  Hunting Dad-001-37Hunting Dad-001-37

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Tue, 21 Oct 2014 17:39:14 GMT
Dalton Senior

These were taking last spring of my cousin Dalton, for his senior photos. It was fun because we took his new truck and even had the truck as a "prop" it worked out great. Congrats Dalton good luck on your next journey, may God bless you! 

[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Tue, 14 Oct 2014 04:02:07 GMT
Family Time! This was a perfect day for family photographs at Elm Creek Park Reserve. I know this family through my boyfriend. Lynn and Adam are good friends. I am so happy I got a lot of great shots! I was able to have Dave smile too! Always a goal on the photo shoots! Thanks again to the Meuwissen's!! I had a great time!



[email protected] (iMMMagine Photography) Mon, 15 Sep 2014 00:04:18 GMT